Strawberry fruit is complex and consists of a flowering plant with many small spores on its surface.Strawberries are belonging to the family of Rosaceae with 15 species.
The strawberry life from harvest to the maximum consumption by the customer is set at 10 to 15 days maximum if it meets all the required requirements. That is, the correct and timely harvesting, the right pre-cooling and cooling temperatures until timely sale to consumers.In Northern Greece, varieties of American origin are cultivated such as Douglas,pajaro,the Netherlands gorilla,chandler and brighton. In Southern Greece, varieties are grown such as camarosa,selva,Fern,Irrin,Oso crande,Chandier,fortuna,victory etc.
Greece represents 0.25% of world production.

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Wood box 5kg

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  • Dimensions : 50x30x12
  • Boxes / Pallet 100x120cm : 136

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Strawberries, ideally should be consumed on the day of purchase. Otherwise they can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days.