The pear is a fruit tree and belongs to the Rhodian class and the Rhododae family and is cultivated in all temperate countries. The pear rewards us both for its beauty and for its delicious fruits, even as Homer mentioned it as a “gift from the gods”. It has many benefits for our health such as , improves the immune system , lowers cholesterol levels and prevents the high blood pressure.

Our Varieties


Wood box 5kg

  • Weight : 5kg
  • Dimensions : 50x30x9

Wood box 10kg

  • Weight : 10kg
  • Dimensions : 50x30x18

Carton 5kg

  • Weight : 5kg
  • Dimensions : 40x30x13

Carton 7kg

  • Weight : 7kg
  • Dimensions : 60x40x9

Carton 15kg

  • Weight : 15kg
  • Dimensions : 50x30x37

Useful Information

Nutrients (per 100g)


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Pears are one of the fruits that become more delicious and ripe after being cut from the tree. What does this mean; But of course you can pick them if they are a little bit harder and unripe and then let them ripen. Therefore it is advisable to store them at room temperature and not in the refrigerator.