The apple is a fruit, the fruit of the apple tree (cf. Millus domerica, lat. Malus domestica) of the Rosaceae family. Apple is the most widespread fruit tree in the world, accounting for 50% of deciduous fruit trees, with worldwide annual production of about 6O million tonnes. There are innumerable reasons to consume an apple. Some of these are the contribution to maintaining good heart health, eliminating fluid retention, promoting dental health and reducing the risk of diabetes. For these and for many other reasons it is worth adding apple in your daily diet because as we all know one apple per day the doctor keeps away!

Our Varieties


Wood box 5kg

  • Weight : 5kg
  • Dimensions : 50x30x9

Wood box 10kg

  • Weight : 10kg
  • Dimensions : 50x30x18

Carton 5kg

  • Weight : 5kg
  • Dimensions : 40x30x13

Carton 7kg

  • Weight : 7kg
  • Dimensions : 60x40x9

Carton 15kg

  • Weight : 15kg
  • Dimensions : 50x30x37

Useful Information

Nutrients (per 100g)


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Unlike other fruits that are spoiled in the refrigerator, apples love cooling conditions. Ideally, we keep them in the drawer of fruits and vegetables, making sure that we discard those  that start to spoil.